BlackGirlYoga is a global community comprised of women with diverse practices of yoga and healing. BGY is dedicated to increasing the visibility of this community both in and outside of the wellness world in order to provide inspiration necessary for inclusive self-love and self-care.

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"BlackGirlYoga is connecting community and serving as a source of motivation and inspiration for others." 

- Vanessa Lherisson, Founder & Director BGY

Featured in publications for Bustle, Reebok, Yoga International, and Yoga Alliance.


"Black Girl Yoga was a God send for me during the pandemic as this was a time where in the midst of chaos any opportunity to feel centered, at peace, and supported was welcome. I was able to really get acclimated to the vast array of Yoga instructors of color due to the BGY social media pages/forums. Most importantly I was able to find my own consistent practice with the weekly Yin classes. This led to my love for this form of Yoga that I never knew existed. Ultimately BGY is a safe space for women to grow, evolve, and feel uplifted by other women and I am grateful for their commitment to providing this to our community."  

-Samantha C.

"I've been a practicing Yogi for 41 years but never in the safe space of Black Women only. It's been life changing for me to attend BGY's classes! Even when deep in a pose, or with my breath, it is soul stirring to glance at the computer and see so many of USmoving in peace together. Vanessa is a DREAM!"

-Sundari M.

"I found Black Girl Yoga through another yogi. I am honored to have this community of yoga and wellness tribe as my circle. The Sunday zooms were a great way to start the week. I love the content being shared and I’m able to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience by being a member of this community."

-Ema E.

"Being a part of the Black Girl Yoga community has literally been life affirming for me! From participating in classes and workshops to being able to connect with other Black women who love yoga, it is all brought me joy. It’s been amazing to see myself represented on the regular. I appreciate BGY tremendously!" 

-Nadine F.

"Forever grateful for this tribe! It has been a blessing to connect with a yoga community that looks like me. I discovered Black Girl Yoga early during the pandemic and it has been a life changing experience for my mental health and self care. Never tired Yin Yoga until attending one of Vanessa Sunday classes and just FELL IN LOVE, the classes were just a great way to release stress, good stretch, and just connecting with your inner self. Black Girl Yoga is now forever a part of me so grateful for this sisterhood."

-Tiffany H.